Control4 Home Automation Installation

Covering London, Essex, South East and East Anglia

Control4 is the market leader in home automation offering personalised, integrated solutions for homes no matter the size, budget or requirement.

We are in the unique position of being one of very few Authorised Control4 Dealers and Qualified Installers in East Anglia.

We are able to design, specify and install Control4 systems to help automate your home, including whole home or selected solutions to manage:

  • Shades and blinds
  • Heating and cooling
  • Lighting (indoor and outdoor)
  • AV systems and home theatre
  • Single and multi-room audio (indoor and outdoor)
  • Gates & garage doors
  • Swimming pool, hot tub, pond and fountain pumps and lighting
  • Appliances throughout the home, including kitchens and bathrooms
  • Security systems

Home automation offers a number of benefits including:

  • Cost and time saving
  • Energy efficiency for better carbon footprint
  • Increased convenience
  • Remote management of your home for safety, security and cost saving
  • Significantly increases the value of your home


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